Something that has always been a part of my family is we are huge foodies.  My parents created a rule that on any trip (Vacation, out of town Ball Tournaments, ect) we were never allowed to pick chain restaurants unless that was the last available option. The older we get that more we appreciate the rule they engrained in us at a young age. Traveling for business has given me so many more opportunities to try new restaurants in all corners of the country.  I am hoping that one day I will be expanding my palate to include all corners of the earth.

We recently we got away to Orlando to take a break from the busy time of our daily lives.  It is always best to find time to slow down and enjoy all the hard work. If you don’t, life will just keep taking from you. You cannot give if your tank is on empty.  On Friday evening we kept things low key by checking out a new restaurant. Orlando has so many options we definitely have our favorites but we like to branch out.

This was our first time at The Stubborn Mule. It is located at 100 S. Eola Drive. I love the ambience.  It sits right on the corner lot. It gives a downtown city vibe but it is still quiet and quaint. There was even outside seating for when the weather is gorgeous. Inside gave a homy feeling. All the décor was clean and earthy. Mostly woods and stone materials. Then to elevate it they had large pop art. It would make for a perfect happy hour or first date. I would love to experience their brunch. It felt like a place you could get dressed up or come more casual. 

Let’s get to the best part, the food and drink.  We started off with cocktails. I ordered Stuck In The Past.  It was their version of an Old Fashioned made with Four Roses Bourbon. I was not disappointed.  It was strong but not overly sweet.  It was extremely easy to drink.  My Sis-in-love ordered Liquid Luck – made with 3 Ginger Irish Whiskey. It was their version of a whiskey mule. We were hooked. It was light and vibrant.  It would be something I would gravitate towards on a hot summer day. It was so refreshing. We ordered a variety of options to try. For starters we ordered Soft Pretzel Rolls with pepper-jack fondue and honey mustard. They came to the table nice and warm.  The crust was perfect and the insides were so soft. I enjoyed the fondue but the honey mustard. I would have ate that alone with a spoon. Next we ordered a flatbread: Stone Fruit & Prosciutto. The tarteness from the fruit balanced the fatty/saltiness of the prosciutto was cut by spicy honey.  Those three elements paired so well together. It was a perfect balance. The final things we ordered was Street Corn Soup, Cheesy Gouda Grits, and Smoked Gouda Mac N Cheese. The soup was creamy and flavorful. They brought a side of toasted bread.  It reminded me of a homy tomato soup. It was perfect to dip bread in. Each bite was full of corn. My brother wanted to try the Cheesy Grits. We are not Southern so our opinions may not matter. They aren’t my favorite grits that I have tried but I didn’t dislike them either.  They were thick and cheesy but the flavor was kind of bland. It is safe to say we won’t be ordering those again. They nailed the mac n cheese. They used spiral noodles so that cheese stuck on the noodle. Making each bite delicious. They topped it with a bread crumbs adding the perfect crunch to each bite.

I would definitely recommend this place.  I would love to go back and try it at brunch. I am sure we will give different dishes in taste test in the future. 


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