Aging is never an easy process. Some individuals take it in stride. Others will do all they can to delay the process.  I have looked into different items.  However, I am not consistent.  The skin is your biggest organ.  I know we should take better care of it.  It isn’t the easiest thing to do. I know others will disagree. I have seen a seven-step skin care routine. No shade to those individuals but I just cannot get in that habit.  Life is so busy that spending ten plus minute on a routine every morning and night is just not my style. My skin care routine is extremely simple.  I wash my face twice a day. At night I moisturize. I do have a morning moisturizer and a retinol serum. For some reason I cannot get in the habit of doing it. I have spent years asking about Botox.  Everyone talks about it.  I was hesitant but remember my best friend with experience? She advised me to wait as long as possible before I did my first treatment. Now that I have had my first experience, I can understand why she told me to wait. I had the greatest experience so I get why people do it so frequently.  The issue is that it isn’t cheap at all. 

My first experience was during my last visit to Houston.  She said 35 is a great age to start. She booked an appointment while I was there. I trust her decision on the right person to provide it. Let me tell you the experience was top notch! I went to Antiage: Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine with Skin Spa. The office was so clean and chic. Having a fresh environment was exhilarating and exciting. My service provider was Nancy – she is fabulous! The session started with pre-service pictures. Then I was taken to a room for my consult.  I learned a lot during that start of the session. I went in with a clear mindset of preventative care. My blue eyes do not tolerate sun.  I am constantly squinting because I live in the sunshine state. My elevens are pretty deep these days. She did mention in future sessions that due to my clinching I am starting to have lines around my chin. Supposedly. Princess Kate gets that Botox treatment. Also, the line on my chin is not supposed to be there.  However, it has been there my whole life, I guess they can change that to make my face softer. I was glad she educated me so that I could think about that for future sessions. She agreed I didn’t need those areas done the first time. I thought actually getting the injections would be painful. They actually weren’t that bad. I will say if you are not a fan of needles this may not be for you. It was a lof of needle pricks. My results were exactly what I could have hoped. 

I did get a bonus service. I got a small amount of filler in my lips. It was something I have always wonder about. I don’t hate my lips or anything.  I just wanted them to be more symmetrical. This is the interesting part of the story. She did my lips before my Botox. Lip filler is painful and I have a pretty decent pain tolerance. She put on a topical numbing crème. Let them set for a very long time to help. I could not even imagine doing it without numbing crème. I had a tears with the crème. I loved the outcome. No one noticed I had any work done to my face. I did mention it to a few friends and they realized after I brought it up. They agreed it was perfectly subtle.

A couple cons for this process. It does not last long. I was told that when I had it done.  If you have a higher metabolism it will burn through it quicker.  I thought it felt weird. Everyone says you can’t feel it but I could definitely feel it was done. I love it.  I would gladly do it again.  I would like to fly back to Houston to get it done though.  Maybe I would try to find a place here in Florida once I felt more comfortable in the process. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone in their twenties. Embrace your natural skin. Find easier alternatives because it is a costly habit but your skin is still so youthful in your twenties. Embrace that first ladies we are beautiful no matter what we do to our bodies. 


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