I am a small-town girl just trying to figure life out. I grew up with a small-town mentality. I was taught to do well in school, have great friends, go to college, and get married. They say when you plan – God laughs.  Sometimes I think he laughed hysterically at my plan. My life has become more than I could have ever dreamed. I went to college. I received a great degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. I thought grad school would be the next move. Remember when you plan – God laughs. Well…grad school did not happen as planned. I had two options. 1. Throw away a four-year degree and get a job not in my field. 2. Move to California or Texas where I could get a job in my field with just a bachelor’s degree. I chose option 2 and moved to Houston, Texas four months after I graduated. I hadn’t even driven a car in a real city at that point in my life. I said yes to moving to the fourth-largest city in the nation without thinking twice. I only had enough money to cover the rent deposit and the bare necessities for an apartment. I mean the BARE necessities. I only had a mattress on the floor, a TV, and side tables the first year I lived on my own. I created an amazing life in Texas without knowing a soul. I worked hard and did my best in my field. The friends I made in Houston are still my tribe today. They taught me so much about life and I am forever grateful. They are also the reason I decided to change careers at 28. See I had capped out what I could do with my degree. I climbed as high as I could on the education ladder. City living is not cheap. My tribe knew my potential was far greater than where I was at that time.  I love Houston (it might even be my only true love). I knew if I wanted to grow it was time to start over in a new place. I could make the leap. I moved to Florida to be closer to my family and start over. It was worth the leap of faith. In high school when you had to fill out the sports program questionnaire that asks “What do you want to major in?” I said International Business. I knew I wanted a job that I could travel back then. The degree I received would have allowed me to travel. Ya know – God laughed! I did the only thing I know how to do. I worked hard and got a job that allowed me to travel all across America (Bonus! On corporate’s dime!). I appreciate all the places I have been.  I appreciate the job I have and where I am at in the corporate world. This is just the beginning…I think it is about time I take another leap of faith.