1. a spirit distilled from malted grain, especially barley or rye. “a bottle of whiskey”

2. a code word representing the letter W, used in radio communication.

I love whiskey. I blame Texas. Sometime when I was there, I started to drink whiskey. (I also blame Texas on my ability to drink Beer to but that is for another day.) I can actually pinpoint the day that I realized Whiskey is more than just a drink.  It is an art. The date was June 26, 2014.  See that day my friends in Houston organized a surprise birthday party event. There is a place in The Heights that is a BYOB Bingo hall. What they did was tell everyone to bring me a bottle of Whiskey for my birthday. It is wild to think of all the liquor that was brought just for me.  That is when I realized tasting multiple whiskey’s at once is so much fun.  I actually found my favorite whiskey that night: Rebecca’s Creek. It just started getting distributed in Florida this past year. Even though it was established in 2009 it is still small enough to not be distributed all over.  They are available in 17 states. I remember finding it on my birthday last year at The Whiskey in Orlando. The person I was with has never seen me so excited in my life. They actually tried to buy me a bottle from the restaurant. Even though I have declared it my favorite I am still out to try more.  Something I started doing when I traveled for business was taking a Old Fashioned Tour.  Each place I would travel to I would try an Old Fashioned at a local restaurant. What may be surprising is that one of my top five old fashioned was in Auburn Alabama. It was so smooth. It wasn’t too sweet.

I am going to continue the Old Fashioned Tour and attempt to try a new whiskey each month. What I think is important is really understanding the art of whiskey. I want to be educated in my opinions. I want to understand the process of making whiskey. I think the history of whiskey would be interesting too. Did you know there is whiskey and whisky?  Yeah – neither did I until recently. It will be my fun new hobby. I want you to take this time to find a new hobby.  Remember it doesn’t have to be something grand. It can be small. It should be something you enjoy. A lot of people love reading (myself included). But that is something I have always done. It is time to try something new.  So take this week to write down a few new hobbies you may want to try.


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