My first post was about my birthday and speaking my future into existence. Something many people don’t know about me is I don’t really like getting gifts. It isn’t my love language. (If you want to bring me cookies or cakes…feel free!) When I suck at giving gifts in return, I feel guilty. Something I have been trying to do more of is to give myself gifts. My gift this year was something I have always wanted to try: Laser Hair Removal. My life is spent in one of the hottest areas in the country. I am usually in workout clothes, shorts, or a swim suit. I am over the maintenance. Here are the options for hair removal. 1. Shaving which is weekly if not more frequent. 2. Waxing which is a monthly.  3. Laser. As I promised I am here to give you all the tips and tricks. That includes saving time and money. First let’s talk about what is laser hair removal. It is a quick process in which a laser targets the hair root – ZAP! It happens faster than you actually read that sentence. Not all lasers and experiences are built the same so you need to find a place that fits you. I spent months looking at places.  There are Groupons, local spas, and nationwide spas options. I settled on MILAN. These are the main reasons why I choose them: 1. MILAN is Candela authorized which means they’re medically trained practitioners supervised by a medical doctor. 2. The laser has a built-in feature that after the zap it sprays a cool mist on the skin. That helps eliminate some of the pain. 3. MILAN is nationwide. I don’t know what life has planned for me so if I am going to spend money, I want it to be available. I checked there are locations in Texas and Ohio. I can get treatment if necessary. 4. It is an unlimited package. Many spas will have to pay per session. That may be a good option for you. Remember you have to find what works for you. What made me consider the unlimited option is that nothing is truly permanent. Especially as a woman. Hormones control our lives which include hair growth. Since I eventually would like to have children more than likely I will need to go back for touch ups. During my consults they explained a lot of times those who hit menopause will come back for touch ups.  At MILAN you can schedule an appointment for life no questions asked. 

Let me describe my experience. The first thing that happens is a consult. Not everyone is a candidate for laser hair removal. The consult is completely free and only takes about 30 minutes. Mine took a little longer because the associate and I were very chatty. Which made me feel as if I have been going there for a while. Not only did she answer every question. The consultation showed before/after pictures, pricing options, frequently asked questions, and a tour of the spa. They did not leave anything left for the imagination. Depending on the location as a bonus they do a free treatment when you complete a consult. That is an option to try it once to see if you would like to commit. I was the last appointment of the day so I wasn’t able to get that perk of same day. They were able to get me in the very next day for my first treatment. I will be honest I was scared! I couldn’t believe I was going to let a laser zap me. After that first treatment I am hooked!!! It isn’t a quick solution. If you are going on a vacation don’t expect to go the day before you leave and have silky skin. You will want to go at least 7-10 days prior to the start of your vacation. It takes that long for the hair follicles to fall out. (Look another perk that I didn’t even consider – preparing far in advance is much better than trying to schedule an appointment right before you leave!) Another confession to the process around day 7 I thought it didn’t work at all. I had to remind myself the practitioner said it could take 10 days to start seeing it work. She was right the hair started falling out. I didn’t have red bumps that wouldn’t go away. The number of ingrown hairs decreased significantly. It was smooth! 

You’re probably thinking what are the cons? I have only found two. They’re more inconveniences vs. actual cons. 1. You cannot have the area tanned. That includes sunless tanner. The laser will pick up pigment. This process would be better done during a time of the year when you aren’t in the sun as frequently. 2. This has to be painful there is a laser involved.  It is painful. The level of pain depends on your tolerance. They have different levels to the laser as well. Depending on the area that is treated the nerve endings will be different. What I can say is the pain is a quick sting. It isn’t lasting. My favorite thing is to say “oooh that was spicy”. The pain is fast on contact and just as fast to go away. Think of when you get a static electricity shock. It’s quick, shocking, and painful for a second then goes away.

Let’s talk about it from a financial point. It isn’t cheap. I refuse to sugar coat it. MILAN does have a payment plan option that does not have interest. You can budget it into your life. It is a short time period of payments. The average cost of razors is $100 a year x 35 years = $3500. (Remember you will always have to shave so it’s longer than 35 years). The average cost of waxing $65 per session X every 4 weeks = $845 a year. $845 X 35 years = $29,575. (Remember it will grow back so could be longer than 35 years) HOLY SMOKES! The average cost of laser hair removal $389 X 10 treatments = $3890. (You will only have to go back occasionally for touch-up if at all which won’t cost extra at MILAN). Here is a trick these places will run specials. To help save cost when you find the spa just see if they ever have specials. MILAN is running an Anniversary Sale July 1 – 31. Click here for a 50% discount. Don’t forget those are just the prices of the treatment. They do not include the time and gas it takes to maintain. Razors and waxing are continuous.  Laser treatment is done after 7-10 sessions with an occasional follow-up after that. If getting laser hair removal has been on your bucket list I highly recommend you do it!


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