Happy Birthday to me! This year I didn’t want a birthday dinner or presents.  I didn’t plan a milestone birthday trip. 35 is a milestone, right? All I wanted this year is to create this blog. Something that I have been told throughout my life is that the accomplishments I have achieved aren’t the norm.  Well, I wouldn’t completely disagree. I wanted to create a community in which other like-minded individuals can achieve their goals as well.  I plan on sharing my tips and tricks to my current success.  I will even share my failures. As well as document my future adventures and goals. To get started I should explain why this is called WhiskeyFitLifestyle.  I live my life wanting to drink some whiskey and still be healthy.  It’s a balance but something that ebbs and flows. Same goes with finances. Sometimes I am much better at saving and other times I live my life. What I hope you read is an unapologetic version of me. I don’t want to hide behind the filter of social media.  I want to bring an authentic version to your screen so that you may not feel alone. For year 35 this is what I hope we achieve: learn the art behind whiskey. Not just drink it. I also want you to work on your health. I want you to live life to the fullest and travel more. I am speaking all this into existence.  Happy 35th birthday! Hold my whiskey because this is about to be one wild ride!

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